Zyllva Jewelry


Zyllva Jewelry is a unique and exotic jewerly line that is handcrafted with lots of love.

Ad campaign

Our main job was to figure out a way to reach a younger target audience, that were more open to the idea of shopping statement jewerly online. We started by redeveloping the company’s brand materials. This work included completely re-imaging brand images that would cater more to a younger public.


Fashion showcase

The client wanted us to create an offline brand experience with their statement jewerly being on full display. We developed a plan to do a fashion showcase at a fashion market in Amsterdam.

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Tribal show experience

The Kwaku Festival in Amsterdam is a traditional multicultural gathering focused on bringing people  and cultures together for a vibrant combination of food, drink, dance and sport. Participating in this festival meant having an opportunity to stir up direct engagement with younger consumers and creatively interact with them in a memorable way. 

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Recognizing that its existing website was not creating enough leads, the founder of Zyllva Jewelry knew it was time to make a change. We took part in creating beautiful visuals for online purposes. But we also set-up  guerrilla marketing campaigns that were orchestraded to create momentum.

Ad campaign

We art directed two brand photoshoots for new imagery that Zyllva Jewelry used on their sales pages, featured blogs, social media and other promotional content and brand collateral. We used younger models with edgy styling to attract a younger  audience to Zyllva Jewelry.


We did the negotiations with the management of the fashion market and provided them with the stage backplane vision, music, model line-up and seating arrangements. The models wore exclusive statement pieces with colorful bathingsuits and high heels that made them extra tall and noticeble in comparison with the audience.

The showcase of the models came as a bit of suprise because of the fact that the fashion market took place in a church. The fashion market and the church was widely visited by young ones that we’re highly invested in African fashion pieces. Although the models wore sexy bathingsuits and high heels, the audience did not seem to be bothered and some of the statement pieces were sold right there.

Tribal show experience

The Kwaku summer festival traditionally attracts around 300,000 visitors over the course of its four weekends, making it one of the biggest events on the Amsterdam calendar. This is also the place where young consumers get in touch with their tribal roots and spend easy money on anything that is related to it. We figured that our client should host a tribal show at one of Kwaku’s breakout stages and team up with tribal dancers to showcase Zyllva Jewelry’s statement pieces in an entertaining way. The tribal show was a way to convert offline leads to online leads by adding them to Zyllva Jewelry’s online newsletter list. It was also a way to create attention at a larger scale and convert sales right away by giving consumers on-spot shopping deals.


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