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People are growing tired of being sold something due to the oversaturation of ads. This makes consumers sceptical of marketing efforts causing them to be more picky and demanding than ever before. According to a new study from Ipsos finds, the brand preferences of a consumer are driven by an alignment of their values and the brands purpose. This has grown significantly in the last 8 years.

Did you know…

million people across the globe have ad blockers as of 2019, making a large part of the digital audience impossible to reach at all.
Source: Statista


buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience, making it overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.
Source: Walker


of emotionally connected customers spend more and are more likely to recommend a brand to a friend or family member.
Source: Capgemini

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Break old habits?

Break old habits?

Having a brand purpose and providing the best experience for your customer seems to be the recurring theme!

One thing is for sure: in order to deliver a positive experience, you have to know your customers better than ever before!

This means leveraging data from all consumer interactions and creatively deliver a personalized brand experience that is responsive to the customer needs. Here is where we come in!

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We are a young Creative agency that specializes in combining data science with experiential marketing. We turn data into intelligence and use it to create in-depth consumer profiles in order to elevate customer experience. Not only do we want customers to experience a brand, but also to come face to face with it. That is why we vouch for participatory experiences. Our approach is target focused, cost effective, profit increasing and predictability improving.

Target focused

By knowing the habits and psychological thinking of the target audience, we can create personalized messages that resonates directly with them.

Profit increase

Creating profiles of profitable customers allows us to focus our efforts on converting the right prospects and make well informed business descions, that results in more sales.

Cost effective

By measuring which channels are most effective for reaching profitable consumers, we can focus spending on those channels and reduce spending on the less effective ones.

Business predictability

With data we can predict consumer behaviour, marketing trends and scenarios. This allows companies to foresee outcomes and make relevant decisions faster.

This is how we work


Data Collection

We get to know your customers to the tea by conducting a data research based on existing customer data. We collect, any internal data (transactional data, customer database, ERP or CRM systems, social media and website traffic) and external data (generic demographic, psychographic and geographic information) that may be useful for the research question at hand. We also provide other data collection techniques like conducting surveys, forms, focus groups, interviews, feedback reviews, online and offline monitoring.


Data analysis

Once we have the acquired data, we start to explore and interpret information that refers to certain behavioural patterns of a consumer. We do this by using diverse analytical methods to review data and arrive at relevant conclusions.This is where we gain in-depth knowledge on a consumers spending habits, channel use, purchasing power, environmental influence, social views and cultural values.



After defining the needs of the ideal customer through the gathered insights, we strategize and deploy an experiential activation campaign where the brand can directly engage with their prospects in a memorable way. This experience attempts to grab attention and evoke emotional reaction that activates the customer to action and grow a deeper and inspiring connection with the brand. The campaign activities are mainly participatory experiences and can range from publicity stunts, live acts, pop-ups, network & mixers events, workshops, sampling and artsy installations. Not only does this method improve customer experience but it can also ignite going viral and word-of-mouth marketing.

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The possibilities with customer data is endless. If your business is not ready for oflline participatory experiences we can resort to other problem-solving techniques that will improve the customer experience. 

Journey mapping
Churn prevention

Data quality checks

Product clustering

Sales forecasting

Content creation
Ux/UI design

In-store activation