Try Before You Buy

Curious how our approach can jazz up your marketing game? No worries! Enjoy a pay-what-you-want free trial. Choose from three packages listed below. For more on tracking customer data and creating emotional connections, we offer a free workshop to get you started.

Data Usability Check

We check if a company has the right data to understand certain customer behaviors based on their questions.

Defining customer behaviors

identifying customer data

Checking data relevance

Check and clean data quality

Data integration and interpretation

Data collection service

If a company lacks sufficient or the right customer data, we develop strategies to gather this information while incorperating gamification.

Needs analysis

Formulate objectives

Concept development

implementation and execution

Evaluation and advice

Brand activation campaign

We turn data insights into effective brand campaigns, using creativity and interaction to reach our goals.

Exploring data insights

Setting objectives and KPIs

Concept development

Implementation and execution

Measurement and evaluation